Excuse me, I must write.

Excuse me,

You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.
Ray Bradbury

The past several days have been particularly difficult at work. I feel really guilty for saying that because I know many people would kill for my schedule, so I have to remind myself that it is okay for me to have off weeks. It is okay to feel frazzled and like I’ve been a victim of the taffy puller and stretched in a hundred directions.

What is hard for me to be okay with is that I haven’t written anything in days. (Alright, it’s been a week and a half.) A fact that the fine folks in my writer’s group would be shocked to hear. Every time we meet someone asks if I’ve written anything since the last time we met and I always respond that I write every day. It’s usually the truth. My fingers feel entirely too rested.

For us newbie writers, or at least for myself, having to take such a pause in writing makes us feel like maybe we can’t hang with the “real” writers, and perhaps we’re staring down a pipe dream and should just give up. These awful thoughts crossed my mind at least 5,902,431,324.67 times in the past week.

I refuse. I refuse to have wasted all the time, energy, love, and passion I’ve put into the pages I’ve carefully constructed. You should refuse, too. If you love to write every day like I do, or if you’re only able to carve out writing time once or twice a month – don’t let a writing lull play tricks on your mind. Put pen to paper or put your fingers on the keys as soon as you get the chance and it’ll all come back to you – you are still a writer. Your thoughts, stories, poetry… all still need to be told in your unique voice from your unique perspective.

We’ve got this. I’m more than ready to get drunk on writing again.

How often do you write? What’s been your longest lull? Do you ever find yourself plagued with crippling writer’s doubt? If so, how do you cope and start putting words on the page again?

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