Writing Prompt Wednesday

Excuse me, (1)


Last week a whopping zero people participated in the writing prompt, and I’m not surprised.

Why, you ask? Well, it was our first one, silly. So, here is our second writing prompt picture:

Miserable Pug

Is this dog loving life, or hating every moment of it? Perhaps the poor little thing is plotting some crazy scheme to seek revenge. What is going on in this pup’s mind?

2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Wednesday

  1. Books Giving Hope says:

    Ok, I will give it a shot and be your first!
    The dog was an old Italian woman named Lola in another life. Lola was a peasant woman who lived near the mountains of Calabria. She was known for her cooking, and she would frequently walk in the the hills gathering wild Rosemary, Thyme and Oregano. She would pluck the most tender of the mushrooms to add to her stews and soups. The villagers often came to Lola when they were ill because her soups had strange healing properties. She was known as “Guaritore” , which means healer. As time passed, the Guaritore became well known in the surrounding towns and her name crossed several regions.
    One day, she was called to help the son of a man known to be powerful in the mafia. Calabria had a strong mafia presence, and the people lived in fear of their retaliation if you could not provide them with what they asked for. The Guaritore was brought before Don Torchia. He told her his only son had been ill for several weeks. No doctor could make him better and no medicines relieved the boy from the fevers and seizures he had daily. Lola asked to see the child. He was a young man of 12 years old and the weeks of illness had made him frail, and weak. His pallor was gray, like the clouds on a rainy day that rolled down into the valley. Lola knew the boy was facing death, but she had no choice but to try and cure him. She gave instructions to gather the herbs and supplies she would need to prepare a restorative broth. Later that afternoon, she fed the boy her broth, muttering incantations, and singing to him. The boy rested comfortably and his skin warmed a bit. Don Torchia thanked the Guaritore but did not allow her to return to her home. He wanted proof of her healing.
    For the next three days, Lola fed the boy her broth while chanting and singing. On the third day, the young man was strong enough to sit up in bed and talk to his father. Don Torchia was overjoyed and allowed Lola to return to her home. However, as is common in serious illnesses, the boy died a few days later. His revived health had been “la calma prima della tempesta”; the calm before the storm. Don Torchia became wild with grief. He ordered his men to bring the Guaritore to him immediately. When the men returned with Lola, Don Torchia asked her why she did not heal his son? Lola tried to explain that some illnesses are beyond her power and fate takes control. Her answer only further angered the Don and he banished Lola to the caves in the mountains, where she was never heard from again.
    Being dressed in the scarves and dress reminded the pug of her past life. How she had suffered in the cold caves and never saw the sun or the fields again. Karma had been good and the woman they called the Guaritore died in her sleep only to awaken in the birth of the pug. The dog was much loved and spoiled. Her master treated her like a princess and the pug spent her days out in the sunshine smelling the flowers and looking for herbs to eat. Her master was calling her for dinner. ” Come Lola, time to eat!”

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