I was tagged, by Mollie, to participate in a game called 7-7-7. The object is to post seven lines from the seventh paragraph on the seventh page or chapter in your current WIP.

From No More Champagne:

“Honey…” Her tone had softened, and I knew she was about to spout religious platitudes I was frankly not in the mood to feign interest in. Or, she was about to say she could tell I had been drinking and blow it way out of proportion. She always seemed to think the worst of me.

“Mom, listen. I’m fine. But, I have to go. John is on his way over. I’ll call you guys soon, okay? I love you and Daddy too.”

She sighed and told me how much they loved me. I couldn’t believe I had successfully pardoned myself from one of her lectures. I celebrated by choking down the rest of the wine in my glass while I feverishly paced my living room floor. The place had gone to hell. My carpet was desperate for a good vacuuming. I needed to clear out the dust bunnies from my bookcase which were growing so large I feared for them during hunting season, and something needed to be done about the two laundry baskets I had been living out of for at least three weeks. With the restaurant gone, I would have no excuses but to get stuff done. “This isn’t happening. It can’t be happening.” I tried to convince myself.

Okay, so I went over a little. Anyway, I am supposed to tag seven people to continue playing so I tag:

B.E. Van de Viere
Nicole L’autore
Thomas Jast *can also be found here and here.

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