It’s me again, Margaret

“There is no mile as long the final one that leads back home.”
– Katherine Marsh

I know I said in my last blog post that I was going to have to step back because of all the things going on in my life, and it is true… I did have to cut back somewhere to make time for all the things I couldn’t cut out. But it has simply just been far too long since I have made a blog post.

I haven’t been tweeting that much either. (Thank goodness for Buffer!)

Truthfully, my life hasn’t gotten any less hectic, if anything it has gotten even more hectic. But, I’ve missed this. I’ve missed getting really ticked off at myself for not knowing what the hell to write about on a weekly basis. I’ve missed anxiously awaiting to see if someone out there in the world is peeking at my thoughts. (Perhaps that makes me a word exhibitionist and you the voyeur?) I’ve missed it all.

So, hi. It really is nice to see you. Let’s catch up!

[Coming Attractions]

Part One | In my writing life, which is by far the most exciting part, the most major development since last I wrote is that I have started a brand new WIP! Of course, all that has done is take my focus from the WIP I should be working on, but I’m incredibly excited about it. I’m more excited about it than any other writing project I’ve ever assigned myself. 😉

It’s got murder and unrequited love, mystery and… Okay. I know what you’re thinking. “Aila… um, sweetheart… most books have those things.” And you’re right. Anyway, the new thing’s title is “Alabama Rain” and has a split timeline between 1994 and The Great Depression. And a little bit of WW2. My guess is, as much as I am in love with this story, it will be finished about thirty-six hours after I’ve (re)finished Sex, Love and Technicalities.

Part Two | I fell in love with Scrivener and broke up with MS Word. It was awkward at first. MS Word didn’t take the news very well. There were a few tears and some name calling, but all is well now and I am 100% committed to my new boo. I’m working on a post/love letter to Scrivener which I hope to post within the week.

Part Three | I may have been away from my blog for a while, but it was never far from thought. I’m currently obsessing stressing looking for a new layout that will be better for viewing on tablets and smartphones, seeing as how this one sucks majorly for mobile viewing… as well as I made a few, what I hope to be, handy dandy little writing aides. They’ll be going up very soon. God, they’re pretty. I’m proud of those little things. It’s amazing what things are born from insomnia.

Part Four | The most fun I’ve had with this blog so far is when I did the post on success and had so much participation from you guys, so I’m currently jotting down a whole host of ideas that will include you – because, I’m not going to lie… unless I am really screwing up a fictitious character’s life and damaging them psychologically, I’m rather boring. You guys are my bread and butter.

And I’ve missed you. Tell me how you’re doing in the comments below! xoxo


7 thoughts on “It’s me again, Margaret

  1. thomasjast says:

    Welcome back! Congrats on finishing up and starting at the same time. Also big props on Scrivener. I know for a fast that writing Cassandra’s End would have been impossible without it. Alabama Rain will benefit from all the crazy Scrivener stuff you can do! Good luck!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Aila Stephens says:

      🙂 Thanks! Yes, as soon as the reality sunk in on how heavy Alabama Rain would be with research and all the little things I have to string together over a sixty year period, I knew that MS Word would simply not cut it. It’s mind boggling how streamlined Scrivener is making the whole process.


  2. saidthelioness says:

    Love the Ray Stevens reference! Good luck in your new project — I’ve also started some new ones but should be working on editing my dissertation. Oh well, write what you want, I say. 😊 I know my way around WordPress if you need help choosing a new layout


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