Aila Loves The Snow, and other stuff!

Aila Snow BW

When it snows in the South, it’s a big deal, y’all. My Northern friends get a good laugh at us because it’s such a big to do around here. We buy up all the milk and bread, gas up our cars, and start calling our friends to see who is the most well-stocked with provisions.

I get it’s funny when our world shuts down with three inches of snow, and our neighbors to the North don’t bat an eye with a foot of powder. But let me tell you something.


There’s something about it that cleanses my soul. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of a blank sheet of paper, therefore giving me a boost of creativity. I’m not sure. But we just had a surprise five inches of snow and it has more or less shut the city down for two days and I couldn’t be happier. I took some pictures, but since I’m unwilling  totally incapable of leaving my house, they’re all around my apartment, so not terribly impressive…but they’re all I have to share.

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Also, this is a picture I took after our last snow in December. I totally slacked on doing another book photo shoot, but I do want to share what my babies look like when they’re playing in the snow:


No books were harmed in the making of this photo, there is an unseen prop underneath keeping the books from harmful moisture. Always practice book-safety when photographing near/around elements dangerous to books.

I swear I’ve done more than just stare at the white fluffy stuff…though I’ve done quite a bit of that.

I’ve written. (And wrote some more, then a little more, then I cut out about 1000 words because it was shit, so then I wrote some more.) I’ve cleaned. (I’m talking I cleaned out my pantry, my refrigerator, and my cabinets.) I’ve watched a couple of movies. I’ve taken walks outside in the snow, I’ve delighted in watching my dogs play in some fluffy stuff. This suits my introverted personality quite well, being snowed in.

Truthfully, the roads are probably clear enough I could go to the grocery if needed, maybe Target or the Haywood Mall. But, I much prefer using this wintry wonderland as an excuse to stay in and cook comfort food and stay in my slippers all day.

That’s the long-winded way of saying I’ve been kicking ass at self-care these past two days.

Which is what I had originally scheduled to blog about today…then snow happened.

Self-care is something I wanted to take a lot more seriously this year, for a variety of reasons; the most important of which is that I matter. My happiness matters. My mental-health matters. So, I’m making this a priority.

Not only is it a priority, but I got myself a “Self-Care Accountabilibuddy,” a term coined by my dear friend, Jewel E. Leonard. [Jewel’s Twitter | Website | Interview] She and I decided we would help each other by being self-care cheerleaders for one another. Just the other day we agreed that if I would get take-out and spend some time healing myself (horrible, lingering headache), that she would go attempt a nap. It instantly made me feel a little better knowing that she was doing what she needed to do for herself because I know she’s had a rough go of it lately.

It’s also just a nice boost having someone to remind you that you matter and to insist you take care of yourself. (Thank you, Jewel! I appreciate you for telling me to make myself a priority!)

Self-care means a variety of things to different people, but I thought I’d share a few items from my list if you’re looking for ways to make yourself a priority. Remember, some of these are probably unique to me, but feel free to adopt whatever looks good to you!

  • Buying a fellow Indie’s eBook
  • Reading for at least a half-hour
  • Dancing as silly as I please to music from my teen years
  • A relaxing foot bath with Epsom salts and essential oils
  • Buying a new shampoo
  • A ride in the mountains
  • A short hike
  • Playing with my dogs until they, I, or all three of us are tuckered out
  • Play around with a new recipe
  • A husband-provided neck and back massage
  • Going out for sushi
  • Watch a movie
  • Meditate for ten minutes (I try to do this nightly!)
  • Buy an essential oil I’ve never tried. (I use Piping Rock)
  • Order take out instead of cooking dinner
  • Talk to my 4-year old nephew on the phone
  • Go on a fun date with the husband (think arcade games and miniature golf)
  • Doodle or color one of those zen coloring pages
  • Make something out of clay
  • Search Pinterest for pyrography ideas, then burn some wood
  • Watch Dirty Dancing (I know this may seem redundant because I already listed watching a movie…but this is Dirty Dancing, and deserves its own bullet point.)
  • Enjoy the whole process of crafting a cup of coffee with my French press
  • Enjoy a cup of hot tea
  • Scour through a thrift store

This list is fluid and growing. Since I’ve really made caring for myself a priority, I’ve noticed a huge shift in my mindset. I’m happier and these acts, even the simplest ones, recharge me.

I urge you to make time for yourself. Even five minutes where you put yourself above everyone else can make all the difference in the world for your psyche. It’s difficult, especially if little ones are in your charge–or big ones, if you’re a caregiver to a parent or spouse…hell, it must be, because it’s still difficult for me and all I have is a husband and two dogs, the former capable of tending to himself, and the latter prefer to burrow under blankets all day.

We’re trained to think that putting ourselves first, even for just a few minutes, is selfish and wrong. That somehow we’re supposed to be everything to everyone except ourselves. Like all things in life worth pursuing, it’ll take practice, but the benefits you reap will be amazing, I promise.

How do you self-care? What is on your list that I might like to try? Please share in the comments!

I’m going to go gaze at this snow before it all melts away.

Until next time, my lovelies! xoxo

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2 thoughts on “Aila Loves The Snow, and other stuff!

  1. Jewel says:

    ♥ Knowing I’ve been such a positive influence and how much I’m helping makes my heart soar. ♥

    I love your writing and wit, and the caption beneath your book baby photo made me laugh! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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