Fiery Character Interview: Guest Post by DA Henneman

A Fiery Character Interview

Happy Monday, folks! I hope you had a great weekend. My Saturday was wonderfully productive…my Sunday rather lazy.

Today, I’m proud to introduce you to D.A. Henneman, one of the kindest, sweetest people you could ever hope to find! She’s such a credit to the Indie publishing community, and I am delighted to have her on. Without further adieu, here’s Ms. Henneman—bringing you a fun interview with one of her characters. Enjoy! ♥


Deby Headshot Color

Doesn’t she just look like one of the friendliest people ever???

D.A. – Hi everyone, Author D.A. Henneman here! I thought it would be fun to chat with a couple of the main characters from my series, The Power of Four. Brooke and Will from Sea of Dreams and Amie and Aleck from Winds of Change weren’t able to make it, but I do have Sera and Logan from Book 3 – Playing with Fire. Although, I don’t see Logan quite yet.


Sera – He’s on his way, he needed to finish something before he came.

D.A. – Okay, well if you don’t mind we will just get started with questions.

Sera – Sounds perfect.

D.A. – So, first and foremost, how has everything been going with settling into your new home in Wisteria?

Sera – Great! I absolutely love Wisteria, the rustic country there is gorgeous and it feels like camping every day. I love to be outdoors and I’m especially fond of the hot springs near our cabin. Logan and I go there quite a bit.

D.A. – That all sounds amazing, but it has to be a big change from living in a city as a firefighter. Do you miss your life in Sedona?

Sera – Well, thing is, we can pop home anytime and sight-see by way of the elemental portals I can create. Without the bills I once had, my retirement fund continues to grow and Logan and I are able to spend more time traveling. Keeping a foot in both worlds has been a win-win.

D.A. – And how’s it going with Logan? It had to be a challenge getting used to the Lycan way of life.

Sera – Logan is amazing! I couldn’t be happier! And, strangely being brought into the pack wasn’t such a stretch for me. It was a lot like being part of the firefighter brotherhood. My lycan heritage was a surprise at first, but now that I have been there for a few moon cycles, it definitely feels like home. Especially since my abuela has moved there permanently.

D.A. – So any changes for you? I know that you were somewhat disappointed when youMoon.pixabay didn’t convert your first full moon with Logan. Oh, here he is now.

Logan – Sorry I’m late, my love. It cannae always be helped. Ya know how Annabelle gets when we travel without her.

Sera – I always feel bad when we leave her, but I’m sure Mila has some things planned to do with her. Maybe we can take her for a visit to Brooke and Will’s place later this month. She would love to see one of his magic shows.

Logan – Aye, I would too. We’ll just need to be sure Aleck isn’t there, not sure he has warmed up to me yet.

Sera – (laughs) Quit being a baby. I mean honestly, do you blame him? You knocked him out cold the first time you met him, and you helped with Amie’s kidnapping. Oh, by the way, this is for you D.A., thanks for bringing it, honey.

D.A. – Thank you, this is a surprise.

Logan – You’re welcome. And I thought Ryker could give me the answers. I dinnae know I merely had to seek them in the flames.

Sera – That was a surprise for all of us, Aleck included. The look on his face when he saw you again was priceless! He’s coming around though, I think Amie really balances him.

D.A. – This is lovely! Thank you so much! Did you carve it yourself Logan?

Logan – Aye. It represents the four elements, but the symbol in the center here gave me a fit. Annabelle added the color once I was finished with it. I waited as long as I could for it to dry.

D.A. – The infinity sign centered here looks perfect and ties all of the Elements together. Thank you so much for this, I have just the spot for it on my desk. So we were speaking about Sera’s first full moon after she met you.

Logan – Aye. A bit of a disappointment for her, but I love her whether she changes or no.

Sera – Isn’t he the best? And yes, I was disappointed. I wanted to be part of Logan’s whole life and the cycles can make me feel like I am on the outside looking in, if that makes sense. Logan goes out of his way to make sure I feel included, and I often go with him and Annabelle during their runs, but it just isn’t the same as being part of it.

Logan – Annabelle and I save our runs for when Sera is visiting Sedona. Otherwise, the scent of her sadness, near breaks my heart.

Sera – I wondered why you weren’t going on as many runs. I had no idea you were picking up on that.

Logan – I am connected to you heart and soul, my love. Your pain is mine as well.

Sera – And here I thought I was so good at hiding it. I love you. (kisses)

Logan – And I you. And while you are good at hiding things, I have a slight advantage. Your melancholy has a distinct scent over your other emotions, like say anger.

D.A. – That is interesting. So what does her anger smell like?

Logan – (laughs) Like the fires of Hades. If I pick up the slightest scent of brimstone, I know I need to drop everything and calm her down.

Sera – (laughs) Oh my goddess, Logan. You make me sound like a hot head! And to be honest D.A. it is usually something that he does that sets me off.

D.A. – Well best not to go into that now, not sure I want to get up close and personal to the fires of Hades. So, what are the plans moving forward? Have you found the element of Earth yet?

Sera – No. But I think we are getting closer. Brooke’s journal is revealing more to us, the pages are filling in each day. And with practice, our magick is getting stronger and easier to control.

Logan – The other day, Sera summoned a fire golem at our campsite. The flames could be seen for miles.

pyreSera – The trick was figuring out how to reverse the spell. Fire can be a bit unpredictable and the golem wasn’t interested in going back to where he came from. He was pissed after I figured it out, since I had him popping in and out so I could get the hang of it.

D.A. – That is a pretty powerful weapon to have in your arsenal. How about the other ladies?

Sera – After I learned how to control the golem, I was able to show the others. They have had pretty good success since then summoning ice and air golems, although I have to say Amie needs a bit more practice with hers. He ended up taking out Sevilla’s shed and a few branches from the obsidian tree behind her house before Amie could control him.

Logan – The men and I built Sevilla another shed. It was showing its age.

Sera – Yeah, that thing had to be almost a hundred years old.

Logan – Aye. One hundred at least.

D.A. – One last question for you both. Is there any news on the whereabouts of Zilla or Sevilla? Has their sister Fate been around at all?

Sera – We should be asking you that. (laughs) But seriously, no not a peep. Brooke has been beside herself with worry for Sevilla, and while Amie tries not to show it, I think she is worried for Zilla as well. Even though Zilla screwed her over, Amie has a soft heart and doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her.

Logan – Zilla’s a right pain in the arse, but she’s a bit of alright. Misunderstood is a word that comes to me mind.

Sera – I agree with the pain in the ass statement, not so much with the misunderstood one. I think you’re the one with a soft heart, Logan.

Logan – Aye. When it comes to you, lassie.

D.A. – So, sounds like I need to really get to work on finishing the series.

Sera – Absolutely! We are having a hell of a time solving the clues for Earth’s location, and we need to figure out how to re-balance everything. Have you seen the papers?

D.A. – I try to avoid them, but yes. As soon as I’m done with the prequel I promise to start on Book 4.

Logan – Make sure you take special care of my love, she’s been through a lot.

D.A. – I promise to take care of all of you as best I can. You all hold a special place in my heart.

Sera – Thanks D.A. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

D.A. – Me too! (laughs)

I hope you liked the interview with Sera and Logan from Book 3 – Playing with Fire. They

PWF_cover_half (2)

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are a really fun couple to talk to and I am so proud to be part of their happily ever after.

You can find out more about me, and my series, at the links below, and my books are for sale on Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. If you check them out and like them, be sure to leave a review at the place of purchase or on Goodreads. I love hearing what readers think! You can always drop me a line at as well. Happy Reading!

loved reading this interview! Thank you so much, D.A., for guest posting for me today!

Please visit D.A. Henneman’s website, and follow her all across her social media channels—I promise you will not be disappointed! ♥♥

I’ll be returning in a week, my friends! ♥


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