Alabama Rain

Some secrets are too dark to be taken to the grave.



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Sarah Johansen left Dry Creek, Alabama before the ink on her high school diploma had a chance to dry and she never looked back.

But, when Sarah’s elderly father is brutally murdered in the summer of 1994, she has no choice but to return home in order to make sense of what happened—and to prove her estranged mother’s innocence.

Proving Corrie Bryant is innocent, however, is no easy task.

Hard and heavy truths lie buried in the past, and now that people are looking, Corrie must double down to keep decades-old secrets where she left them, to make amends with the people she cares for most, and to learn how to be the mother she should have been fifty years ago.

The truth may be as hard for Sarah to learn as it is for Corrie to tell.

What are people saying?







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