Shiny New Ideas

Ah, Monday. I both love and loathe them. I know there's some debate on what is the first day of the week. Some people say it's Saturday, some Sunday, and some believe it's Monday—and I'm one of them. I love the opportunity to start anew. Who doesn't? That's one of the reasons we celebrate our … Continue reading Shiny New Ideas


Life and Lemons and Chicken

Good afternoon, folks! You know that saying about when life gives you lemon, you should make lemonade? Well, life definitely gave me lemons—actually, I'd say it pelted me with a five pound bag of lemons. But, instead of lemonade, let's fry some chicken. Keep reading. About Those Lemons On Monday, I wrote a post about … Continue reading Life and Lemons and Chicken


  Happy Monday! So, I'd like to just dive straight into my topic for the day: Refocusing. If you'll recall from my post last week, I mentioned I only had roughly 10k words left in Alabama Rain before it would be finished. Now, 10k words normally only takes me two, three days tops to bang … Continue reading Refocusing

Writer Pride

Happy Monday Tuesday! Whoops! So, small confession: I'm on vacation...and that weird vacation-brain where you forget what day and time it is totally sneaked up on me quickly. Even though my husband went to work yesterday and I knew I had a Monday writing group meeting...something about yesterday didn't feel like a Monday and I totally … Continue reading Writer Pride

See No Evil

How the hell are you supposed to see no evil on the internet? It's the internet! Last week we talked about speaking no evil—biting our tongues when we otherwise might not want to. (Unless of course someone is being legitimately abusive in some way.) The week before that we talked about hearing no evil, which … Continue reading See No Evil

Speak No Evil

Getting back to last week's topic, let's talk about speaking no evil. [Edited to add: After I finished typing up this post, I couldn't believe that all I said really needed to be said, after all I write for adults. I then skimmed through a few things online and realized that it does still need to be … Continue reading Speak No Evil