Indie Author Marketing Still Sucks…Pt 1.

"Nobody counts the ads you run; they only remember the impression you make." -Bill Bernbach That's a massive title, yes? Let me explain. Two years ago, I wrote a post entitled Marketing Sucks. Guess what? It still does. I stand by pretty much everything in that post, the exception writing a book a remarkable … Continue reading Indie Author Marketing Still Sucks…Pt 1.


Dirty Laundry

Good morning/afternoon/evening! I had considered continuing on with last week's blog post and talking about showing vs. telling, but there are probably 3.7 million blogs and YouTube videos that can carry you through without the superfluous opinion of yours truly. Instead, I thought I'd air some dirty laundry. It's all fair game today. Strap in. … Continue reading Dirty Laundry