Character Basics

Happy Monday! (I say that just about every week, though I am still not convinced such a thing exists.) As I may have mentioned a half-dozen times, I am in the beginning stages of my next novel. I thought that while I am here, plucking along with the first steps of a new endeavor, that … Continue reading Character Basics


Shiny New Ideas

Ah, Monday. I both love and loathe them. I know there's some debate on what is the first day of the week. Some people say it's Saturday, some Sunday, and some believe it's Monday—and I'm one of them. I love the opportunity to start anew. Who doesn't? That's one of the reasons we celebrate our … Continue reading Shiny New Ideas


  Happy Monday! So, I'd like to just dive straight into my topic for the day: Refocusing. If you'll recall from my post last week, I mentioned I only had roughly 10k words left in Alabama Rain before it would be finished. Now, 10k words normally only takes me two, three days tops to bang … Continue reading Refocusing