I’ve officially relaunched my newsletter!

Of course there will be the standard Life Updates and Monthly Favorites that most everyone includes, but there’s other stuff too!

Subscriber-exclusive content—

This could be deleted scenes. Perhaps I’ll send out entire chapters. Maybe I’ll do a dramatized reading. Or it might be that I create workbooks, curated lists, who knows?! If I interview someone for the blog, there will be extra questions only to be answered in my newsletter. There will be cool stuff.

Subscriber-exclusive giveaways—

There will be at least two giveaways per year starting in 2020 for $50 Amazon gift cards. I may also decide to hold giveaways for other things, too. I can be unpredictable that way.

Subscribers know first—

Do you like to know things before everyone else does? Welcome to my newsletter. If I’m going to hold a giveaway, you’ll know first. Am I going to a live-event? You’ll know first. Want to see my cover reveals before anyone else? Sales? Gotcha covered. I’ll lay it all out for you on the last Thursday of each month.

—Plus, there will be more—

I am still thinking of interesting things, so there’s no way for me to list everything here. In order to find out right alongside me, subscribe! And please share with your friends via social media—the more the merrier!


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