Sex, Love, and…

Cover Design


Turning thirty isn’t easy 
many women.
Briella Logan didn’t expect it
to be so traumatic


Just weeks before her dreaded day, the restaurant which Briella has loved for years is reduced to ash—taking with it the young life of Annalise: a coworker, frenemy, and ex-girlfriend to Brie’s best friend. Despite the fire being ruled an accident, Brie’s instincts tell her otherwise, especially after being questioned by the police herself.

Concentrating on crime proves difficult, however, when an old flame from high school, Paul, makes her a generous job offer and the irresistible Liam lands in Tennessee. Brie finds herself caught in a flurry of secrets between her past and her future and suddenly instead of celebrating with champagne, Brie is hiding at the bottom of a tequila bottle.

When the smoke finally clears, will there be justice? And will Brie finally believe in happily ever after?

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