What is Southern Gothic?

Happy Thursday, ya'll! So, if you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen this tweet: Brief convo about #AlabamaRain today: Person: So, is it any good? Me: Well, I haven't had anyone say otherwise. I love it. So, yeah. Person: Is it Sci-Fi? Me: No. Person: Fantasy? Me: No. It's #WomensFiction meets #SouthernGothic. Person: … Continue reading What is Southern Gothic?


Reading for Writers

Happy Monday, folks! I'm still busy wrapping up Alabama Rain, so my wonderfully amazing, gorgeous, and super-talented author friend, Vania Rheault, was gracious enough to provide a guest post about the importance of reading! (Something I bet most of us wish we did more of!) Thanks, Vania!! ♥   Stephen King famously said, “If you … Continue reading Reading for Writers