Playtime is over, suckers.

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“Write to amuse? What an appalling suggestion!
I write to make people anxious and miserable and to
worsen their indigestion.”
-Wendy Cope

Now that you’ve all hopefully shaken your NYE hangovers-aren’t those spectacular, by the way-I thought it’d be a fine time to say hi.


The holidays are officially over with now that it’s Monday. Aren’t we all happy to be back at work, struggling not to write 2015 on any important documents, and generally hating ourselves after we tally up what we spent on Christmas presents? Oh, come on… I know I’m not the only one.

I’m a little late to the whole writing goal post, but we’re not even a week into the year, so I don’t think I’m too late.

Write Every Day | I actually normally write every day, or at least I did before I was instructed that in order to make it as an indie author I would need a twitter account, facebook account, blog, vlog, the blood of Himalayan yaks, instagram, and the list goes on and on and on. I actually sat down one day, jotted down a list of everything people suggested I needed to be successful, and I just laughed. How on earth anyone thinks you can devote the time and effort into building and maintaining all that while actually writing a novel is still beyond me. I decided to just work on two things, the blog (obviously) and twitter. I may build on something else at some point, but for now, I’m content. I’ll never vlog, by the way. Anonymous, remember?

Instead of getting myself so bogged down in every social media platform one could conceive, I’m far more concerned with actually writing. Now, some days I may not write on my WIP. I actually think it is important to write outside our comfort zones on occasion – express thoughts we wouldn’t normally express, flesh out new, exciting situations which wouldn’t normally occur in our genres, you know – BE CREATIVE. Maybe it’s just me, but that is why I love writing prompts so much. They force us to stretch our imaginations into directions we tend to ignore.

Blog Weekly | At a minimum, anyway. I have so much fun on twitter, but it is awful to be restricted to 140 characters sometimes. I’ll be honest, I have several weeks of my writing prompts queued up, and I’m not going to cancel them. If they don’t garner more interest, that’s fine, I’ll try something else. But I want this to be interactive. The introvert inside me cannot believe I just admitted that.

Publish No More Champagne | This is the one that excites and terrifies me the most. I’ve set myself up with a release date of March 15th. I have an app on my iPhone that counts down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds. Each time I look at that damn app I get goosebumps and want to puke. NMC is my baby. I’ve spent an exorbitant amount of time with it daily. I’ve summoned the courage to ask people to read it, rip it apart, and then I lovingly stitch it back together. I am both scared to death and ecstatic to release it to the world and find out if it’ll flourish or fail. The pragmatic side of me says I’m bias and to expect crippling defeat. The market is so incredibly flooded, even if it isn’t terrible it’ll be difficult to get the necessary exposure. Pragmatism is a blessing and a curse.

Finish No More Excuses | The sequel to No More Champagne is currently about 50% complete. Then my OCDness will pick it apart ruthlessly, shred it, glue it back together, possibly burn it, and start over again. After all, I had originally written NMC in present-tense, and then completely overhauled it into past. The closer I come to finishing the first draft of NME, the sadder I become. I love Briella. I love Liam. I love John. Of course I hope you will love them too, but I loved them first, and I’m going to be sad not to spend time with them every day. They’ll probably be glad when I stop interferring in their ficticious lives and putting them through hell.

May of 2016 may be a difficult month to write, though I will still try to sneak some in every day. Back in 2014, my husband and I picked up and moved to a whole new state and I transitioned into a new career and we settled into an… apartment. This is the first apartment I’ve ever lived in, and truthfully it hasn’t been terrible. Now that we’re sure we’re staying here for the foreseeable future, we’ve decided to buy a home. Yay! But, that means moving. Have I ever mentioned I hate moving? (The answer is yes. In a previous post.) So, my last 2016 writing goal is:

Set Up My Writing Space | Oh, it’ll be beautiful, girly, and subtly nerdy. I’m a mega fan of the three major swoon-worthy shows: Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Supernatural… but I’ve never been one to plaster my walls with memorabilia. I go for a much more subtle approach. I cannot express how excited I am about designing my very own writing space. (I’ll have to use it for sewing, too. (Have I mentioned that I sew? No. Well, I do. I’m awesome, of course.)

That’s it in a nutshell. What are your goals, writing or otherwise? How do you predict your 2016 shaping up? Have you got a book coming out this year? I want to know!

4 thoughts on “Playtime is over, suckers.

  1. clporter23 says:

    I feel you – on my writing course we have authors, publishers, editors, literary agents, the lot, coming in and telling us about how we need to be “out there”. I’m not a tweeter myself, and I lack the technological capacity to work a Google + account… it all just gets a bit ridiculous!
    Good luck with the launch of your novel, must be so exciting! I’m still in the process of writing mine for my university dissertation, it’s certainly a challenge and a mindset
    On a side note, I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award – happy questioning! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mollie Wallace says:

    Love this post! Your goals are awesome and you’re right, it’s not too late since it’s still within the first week. Most people still aren’t sure what day it is so…no big deal! If you need some Himalayan yak blood, I’ve got some extra I could send you ;p I love your TV show choices as they are my favorites as well. Excellent taste 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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