Posts Revisited: The Success Mindset for Introverts

posts revisited_ introverts

Howdy, folks.

I’m a little under the weather, and was so glad to see I’d scheduled today for revisiting an old post. Normally I might engage in some light banter here before we dive right in, but, I’m far more interested in getting back to some hot tea, so let’s pretend I’ve been witty and interesting in this paragraph.

If you’d like to visit the original post, it can be found here.


Reaction: I still love that quote!

Oh, wow. I remember what I started toying with in the midst of writing Alabama Rain. It’s a project I hope to convert to historical at some point since that’s what I gravitate toward now. It’s about prostitute, which you might believe is the basis for The Harlot of Blue Ridge, but no.

I don’t remember my personal goals at that time. My personal goals right now are going pretty well, too. I mean, we’re 21 days into the new year, so I don’t know if it’s anything to brag about yet. Time will tell….and I’m still trying to find readers.


Reaction: I am so ready for a vacation from myself.

I will admit, I was a lot more enthusiastic about not letting my introversion hold me back at this time. I still don’t want it to, but it does at times many times.


Reaction: I still stand by the notion introversion is not a character flaw.

I think sometimes we introverts allow it to be an excuse.

As for my second suggestion: OMG I cannot stress how important this is. Don’t rush into something so far outside your comfort zone, or you’ll never want to leave it.


Reaction: I haven’t done a 12-12-12 run through in a while, but it is really helpful. The last time I thought much about this was when I got a new boss and I needed to be sure I made a good impression. If you haven’t given this practice a shot, I highly recommend it.


Reaction: Yessssss. (also: I put a huge pin in trying to find speaking engagements.)

You may recall, if you’re  a longtime reader, that I actually used to give speeches competitively in college. I used to be better than I am now at separating my introversion from a lack of confidence, but it doesn’t make any of that less true.

Speak about what you know and never be too confident in yourself to learn something new. I don’t care if you’ve been writing for fifty years, there’s still something left for you  to learn.


Reaction: David Tennant! ♥

This is one of the truest things in the entire post. Introverts are just as passionate, if not more so, than extroverts, about the things that excite them. It just takes more coaxing for us to show it. But once we do: look out. We won’t shut up for hours.


Reaction: I have such a problem with split infinitives sometimes. My apologies!

Use your superpower of listening as often as possible, and if I may add: Don’t forget to listen to the things that aren’t being said. Watch for body language—both your companion(s) and your own.

Alrighty-o. That’s the whole kit and caboodle today. I’m going to go scour the floor for the lung I coughed up and then make another cup of ginger tea. Later, loves! ♥


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